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Updated: 3/21/2015
As of 3/21/2015 All Websites included within our Directory and Search must be both Desktop & Mobile Compatible. We will be removing sites from both our search and directories that are not compatible!

Our Search Engine Now Supports all mobile formats. Sleek Spider has been upgraded to detect websites that are not Mobile Compatible! Those sites will be removed from our index as they are detected.
Sleek is out crawling the web as I type this update.
Once the URL you submit is reviewed for inclusion, our Spider Sleek will visit your URL and all the URLs you have listed on your site. The results are then added to our Search Engine.
We have been Adding popular searches, to better serve our users. All websites submitted to the Directory are reviewed by our Staff. If you have any suggestions for a new Sub-Directory within our Directory, then please contact us.
If you have submitted your site lately, you might have noticed our new site-verification schema. When you use the submiturl feature, Sleek which is our Search Engine Spider (web crawler) instantly checks the URL, page load-time, and for our verification code that you should have been added to your site.
SearchInfo has been getting a face-lift after all these years. Our Engineers have completed the Directory Menu System to help our users with internal site navigation. They are also weeding out some Categories and adding new ones.
Our Search Engine & Directory are being upgraded to provide support for Mobile Phones & Tablets.
Sleek has been weeding out Robo posters etc! Just follow the instructions to a tee and Sleek will let you in for the review phase, otherwise our review Staff will never consider your site for inclusion!
Sleek Spider is back in service, check your web-logs for his UserAgent:
Mozilla/5.0 (Sleek Spider/2.0)

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